Lia Nemeth

Live Improvisation on Twitch

June 19, 2022

I have left this blog abandoned for a while. I will try to populate more often with some small updates on what I’ve been up to.

Lately I have been very dedicated to music on my free time, I play keyboards and used to be a professional musician prior to changing careers to Software Engineering.

I have been playing live improvisation on twitch on and it has been a great way to explore this side of me that had been less active in the last years. It is hard to define the music I make under a specific genre, but closest would be jazz fusion.

The format of live streaming is incredible for the tradition of fully improvised music. Improvisation has an ephemeral element that makes it special, the artwork created in an improvisation session is unique to the performance, and it is representative of that event, and of the connection between the artist and the audience. Live streaming make it possible to create a routine out of it, and create an audience looking forward to hear the new material being created and share that space with the performer.

Hope you give it a listen! I’m also working on an album that will soon be released!

Lia Nemeth is a software engineer and musician.

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